Nevada Barr Books In Order & Anna Pigeon Series Reading Order

Nevada Barr has a remarkable talent for seamlessly blending mystery, adventure, and the great outdoors. Below, you’ll find a complete list of her books, series reading order, along with brief descriptions.

Anna Pigeon Series Reading Order

The Anna Pigeon book series follows the adventures of a park ranger who investigates crimes in some of the most beautiful and remote places in the United States. Here are the book titles in the correct reading order.

1. Track of the Cat (1993)

Anna Pigeon is a park ranger who moves to West Texas after witnessing too much violence in the city.

She suspects that a fellow ranger’s death was not caused by a mountain lion, but by a human killer. She investigates the murder on her own, risking her life in the process.

2. A Superior Death (1994)

Anna Pigeon is transferred to Isle Royale National Park, a remote island in Lake Superior. She finds herself in the middle of a deadly mystery involving a sunken wreck of a Canadian steamship that sank in 1927. 

She dives into the cold and dark waters, where secrets, lies, and a murderer await her.

3. Ill Wind (1995)

Anna Pigeon is assigned to Mesa Verde National Park, where ancient cliff dwellings are threatened by vandalism and looting.

She discovers a body in one of the ruins, and soon realizes that someone is willing to kill to protect a hidden treasure. She must unravel the mystery before she becomes the next victim.

4. Firestorm (1996)

Anna Pigeon is trapped in Lassen Volcanic National Park, where a raging wildfire is burning out of control.

She and her companions discover a charred body in the ashes, and realize that the fire was not an accident, but a cover-up for a murder. She must find the killer before he finds her.

5. Endangered Species (1997)

Anna Pigeon is posted on Cumberland Island National Seashore, where sea turtles are nesting on the beach.

She stumbles upon a plane crash that kills a local politician and his wife, and uncovers a conspiracy involving illegal drugs, endangered animals, and corruption. She must expose the truth before she becomes an endangered species herself.

6. Blind Descent (1998)

Anna Pigeon is sent to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, where a fellow ranger is injured in a cave exploration.

She joins a rescue team to find him, but soon realizes that someone is sabotaging the mission. She must survive the dark and dangerous depths of the cave, where a killer is lurking.

7. Liberty Falling (1999)

Anna Pigeon is on leave in New York City, where her sister is hospitalized. She visits the Statue of Liberty National Monument, where she witnesses a fatal fall of a young girl.

She suspects foul play, and gets involved in the investigation. She uncovers a web of lies, greed, and murder that threatens the symbol of freedom.

8. Deep South (2001)

Anna Pigeon is assigned to the Natchez Trace Parkway, a historic route that stretches from Mississippi to Tennessee.

She hopes to find some peace and quiet in the rural South, but instead she uncovers a dark secret involving the disappearance of a young girl and a violent clan of outlaws.

As she digs deeper into the mystery, she faces danger from both humans and nature, and learns about the history and culture of the region.

9. Blood Lure (2001)

Anna Pigeon joins a research team studying grizzly bears in Glacier National Park, Montana.

She is fascinated by the majestic animals, but soon finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a killer who is stalking the park’s visitors and wildlife.

Anna must use her skills and instincts to survive and stop the murderer, who may have a personal connection to her.

10. Hunting Season (2002)

Anna Pigeon is sent to the historic Mount Locust plantation on the Natchez Trace Parkway, where she investigates a murder that may be linked to a slave cemetery and a long-buried mystery.

She also has to deal with her own personal issues, such as her troubled marriage and her estranged sister. As she unravels the secrets of the past, she faces hostility from the locals and danger from an unknown enemy.

11. Flashback (2003)

Anna Pigeon travels to Dry Tortugas National Park, a remote island off the coast of Florida, where she discovers a connection between a modern-day murder and a Civil War-era shipwreck.

She also experiences flashbacks to her great-great-aunt’s life as a lighthouse keeper on the island during the war. As she switches between the present and the past, she uncovers a conspiracy that spans centuries and threatens her life.

12. High Country (2004)

Anna Pigeon goes undercover as a waitress at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, where she tries to find out what happened to four missing employees who were working in the park’s high country.

She suspects foul play, but has no evidence or leads. She also has to cope with the stress and demands of her new job, as well as the hostility of some of her co-workers. As she explores the park’s wilderness and wonders, she stumbles upon a deadly secret that puts her in grave danger.

13. Hard Truth (2005)

Anna Pigeon is transferred to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, where she faces a personal crisis and a disturbing case involving two missing girls and a religious cult.

She is haunted by nightmares and doubts about her career and her future, and has to deal with a new partner who is skeptical of her abilities.

She also has to confront a fanatical group of zealots who believe they have divine authority over the park’s land and people.

14. Winter Study (2008)

Anna Pigeon returns to Isle Royale National Park, Michigan, where she joins a wolf study team and encounters a mysterious creature that threatens the park’s fragile ecosystem.

She also has to deal with tensions among the researchers, who have conflicting agendas and opinions about the wolves and their management.

She also has to face a ruthless killer who is hunting her down in the frozen wilderness.

15. Borderline (2009)

Anna Pigeon recovers from a traumatic event on the border of Big Bend National Park, Texas, where she becomes involved in a murder investigation that leads her to a dangerous drug cartel. S

he also has to cope with her physical and emotional scars, as well as her relationship with her husband Paul Davidson, who is also working on the case. She also has to deal with the harsh realities of life on the border, where lawlessness and violence are common.

16. Burn (2010)

Anna Pigeon takes a leave of absence and visits her friend Claire in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she gets entangled in a web of corruption, crime, and voodoo.

She also has to face her own demons, such as her guilt over a past tragedy and her fear of losing Paul. She also has to navigate the complex and colorful culture of the city, where nothing is as it seems.

17. The Rope (2012)

This is a prequel to the Anna Pigeon series, which reveals how Anna became a park ranger. It follows her first assignment at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona, where she survives a brutal attack and tries to expose a conspiracy.

She also has to overcome her insecurities and doubts, as well as her attraction to a fellow ranger. She also has to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the park, where she finds her true calling.

18. Destroyer Angel (2014)

Anna Pigeon goes on a camping trip with her friends in Minnesota’s Iron Range, where they are taken hostage by armed men who are after something hidden in the wilderness.

She manages to escape and uses her skills and knowledge to rescue her friends and stop the criminals. She also has to deal with the emotional and physical consequences of her ordeal, as well as the secrets and lies that are revealed along the way.

19. Boar Island (2016)

Anna Pigeon moves to Acadia National Park, Maine, where she deals with cyberbullying, identity theft, and murder. She also has to help her goddaughter Elizabeth, who is being harassed online by an unknown stalker.

She also has to solve a murder case that involves a mysterious woman who may have a connection to Anna’s past. She also has to enjoy the beauty and charm of the park, where she finds new friends and challenges.

Standalone Novels

Bittersweet (1984)

Bittersweet is a historical fiction that tells the story of two women, Imogene Grelznik and Sarah Schmidt, who fall in love in 19th century America.

Imogene is a strong-willed schoolteacher who is forced to leave Philadelphia after being accused of inappropriate conduct with a student. Sarah is a young farm girl who is being forced to marry an abusive man.

The two women flee to Nevada together, where they must face the challenges of living in a hostile environment and the prejudice of a society that does not accept their love.

Naked Came the Phoenix (2001)

Naked Came the Phoenix is a serial mystery novel written by 13 female authors, including Nevada Barr. The story follows Caroline Blessing, the young wife of a newly elected congressman, who goes to the Phoenix Spa in the Blue Ridge Mountains for some R&R.

However, she soon discovers that the spa is not what it seems, and that the owner has been murdered. As the secrets of the spa are revealed, Caroline must race to find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

13 1/2 (2009)

13 1/2 is a psychological thriller by Nevada Barr that tells the story of Polly Deschamps, a woman who is haunted by the past and the possibility that she may have committed murder.

In 1971, a young boy killed his family in Minnesota. Now, 30 years later, Polly is living in New Orleans with her two daughters when she meets Marshall Marchand, a man who may be connected to the murders.

As Polly begins to investigate her past, she uncovers a dark secret that could destroy her life.

What Rose Forgot (2019)

Rose Dennis wakes up in a hospital gown with bruises on her body and no memory of how she got there.

She knows that something bad happened to her but can’t remember what it was or who did it. She escapes from the hospital and goes on the run to find out what happened to her.

Non Fiction

Seeking Enlightenment… Hat by Hat (2003)

This book is a memoir by Nevada Barr that tells the story of her spiritual journey from atheism to a belief in something greater than herself.

Barr is a former park ranger and mystery writer who has always been fascinated by the natural world and the human experience. In this book, she shares her personal stories and insights as she explores the meaning of life, death, and spirituality.

Novellas & Short Stories

Deadly Housewives (2006)

Deadly Housewives is a collection of short stories by Nevada Barr and other well-known authors.

The stories explore the dark side of domesticity, following women who are driven to murder by their own twisted desires.

Each story is a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue so if you’re a fan of mystery and suspense, then Deadly Housewives is a must-read.

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