Ruby Dixon Books In Order: Including Ice Planet Barbarians Series, Risdaverse Universe & More!

Ruby Dixon is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy science fiction and paranormal romance. She is best known for her Ice Planet Barbarians series, which follows the romances of human women on an alien planet populated by hulking, blue-skinned aliens.

Table of Contents

Here’s a complete list of Ruby Dixon books in order, organized by series and stand-alone novels.

Bedlam Butchers MC Series:

This steamy romance series features hot bikers and the women they love. If you’re looking for some action, adventure, and passion, then you’ll love this series.

1. Off Limits (2014)

This is the first book in the series and the story revolves around Lucky, who is considered ‘off limits’ to the Bedlam Butchers due to her history of causing them bad luck. She’s also the president’s kid sister. Despite her nickname, Lucky leads a single and lonely life.

2. Packing Double (2014)

This is the second book in the series and is the story of Kitty, a free-spirited woman who stumbles upon a ‘panty raid’ at a bar and decides to join the fun. She’s not looking for any commitments, especially not from a motorcycle club.

3. Double Trouble (2014)

The plot thickens in the world of motorcycle clubs where being a snitch is a death sentence. The Bedlam Butchers find themselves dealing with a snitch who’s out to get one of their new members.

4. Double Down (2015)

The fourth book in the series follows Shy, who’s in a relationship with two Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers, Muscle and Beast.

However, her happiness is threatened by the rest of the club. She must decide whether to adapt to the club’s rough lifestyle or leave.

5. Double Or Nothing (2015)

This is the fifth book in the series and the story continues with Shy, who has found a fragile happiness with her two men, Beast and Muscle.

However, a rival MC has decided that what’s in the past shouldn’t stay there. With loads of blackmail information on the line, Beast might be going back to prison unless they can make a deal.

6. Slow Ride (2015)

The story follows Lucky, the first woman to be patched into the Bedlam Butchers. She’s grappling with her place in the club and her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Solo can’t understand why Lucky is distancing herself from him.

7. Double Dare You (2016)

The story revolves around Becka, a chemistry nerd who unexpectedly gets kidnapped by a rival MC. She finds herself needing a hero, or in this case, two – Locke and Epic. Despite their initial differences, they team up to rescue Becka.

Ice Planet Barbarians Series:

If you’re looking for a steamy sci-fi romance series with blue-skinned alien hunks and feisty human heroines, you might want to check out the Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon.

This series has 20 full-length novels and several novellas, all set on a frozen planet where a group of abducted women crash-land and find their fated mates among the native barbarians.

1. Ice Planet Barbarians (2015)

Georgie is the leader of the women who survive the crash, and she meets Vektal, the chief of the barbarian tribe.

They have to overcome cultural differences and language barriers to bond as mates and save their people from a common enemy.

2. Barbarian Alien (2015)

Liz is a rebellious and sarcastic woman who doesn’t trust anyone, especially Raahosh, the barbarian who claims her as his mate. He has to prove his worth to her and protect her from the dangers of the ice planet.

3. Barbarian Lover (2015)

Kira is one of the few humans stranded on an ice planet. She catches the eye of Aehako, a flirtatious alien.

Despite her attraction to him, Kira harbors secrets that she fears will drive him away. Moreover, the aliens who abducted her are back, posing a threat to everyone.

4. Barbarian Mine (2015)

Harlow wakes up to find Rukh, a stranger who has been alone his whole life. Despite his gruff exterior, Harlow discovers there’s more to him.

When she resonates with him, she must navigate the implications of mating with this barbaric alien.

4.5. Ice Planet Holiday (2015)

A novella that follows the couples from the first four books as they celebrate a winter festival and exchange gifts.

5. Barbarian’s Prize (2016)

Tiffany is one of the last remaining unmated human women on the ice planet.

Despite the attention from alien men, she only has eyes for one particular hunter. However, she must overcome her past to move forward.

6. Barbarian’s Mate (2016)

Josie has always dreamed of finding her soulmate. However, the hunter chosen for her is not what she expected. Despite this, he might be exactly what she needs.

6.1. Having the Barbarian’s Baby (2016)

A novella that revolves around Megan, who is ready to give birth but doesn’t want her mate, Cashol, to leave her side.

When Cashol goes hunting to feed the tribe, they’re separated for the first time since resonance. This becomes a problem when the baby is ready to be born and a storm is brewing.

6.2. Ice Ice Babies (2016)

A short story about Nora who is juggling motherhood times two, her mate, and friendships while trying to catch the occasional nap.

This story is set after “Barbarian’s Mate” and offers a slice of sweetness and family life.

7. Barbarian’s Touch (2016)

Lila wakes up on the ice planet, terrified and alone. She’s kidnapped by a stranger who decides she’s his girlfriend.

However, Lila escapes, only to find herself in an even more dangerous situation. Just when all hope seems lost, a new hero, Rokan, appears.

7.5. Calm (2016)

A novella that follows Maylak, the tribe’s healer, who wakes up one morning with a sense of impending dread.

Despite everyone being safe and healthy, she can’t shake off the feeling that something is threatening her people.

8. Barbarian’s Taming (2016)

Maddie is a newcomer to the alien tribe is headstrong and struggling to find her place. Her shy sister was stolen away, causing her to react fiercely to those around her.

Now that her sister is back and mated, she feels lonely and seeks attention of one broody Alien named Hassen.

8.5. Aftershocks (2016)

A novella that covers the perspectives of Vektal, Georgie, Harlow, and Rukh during the quake.

It’s intended to be read after “Barbarian’s Taming” and is not a standalone.

9. Barbarian’s Heart (2016)

The story follows Stacy, who has never spent a day without her mate since arriving on the ice planet. They have a beautiful child together and are deeply in love.

However, an earthquake changes everything when her mate nearly dies and wakes up from his coma with no memory of her or their past two years together.

9.5. Slices of Life (2016)

A collection of short stories including Megan, who’s about to give birth but doesn’t want her mate to leave her side, and Nora, a new mom juggling motherhood times two.

It also features Maylak, the tribe’s healer who senses an impending threat, and provides additional insight into the day the world shook.

10. Barbarian’s Hope (2016)

This is the story of Asha and Hemalo. Resonance offers them a second chance, but fear and doubt linger. The story explores whether their bond is too broken to mend.

11. Barbarian’s Choice (2016)

The story revolves around Farli, the only unmated female in her tribe. When an alien ship lands and a handsome stranger named Mardok steps out, she knows he’s the one.

However, Mardok can’t stay on the ice planet and offers to take her with him. Now, she must make a choice: stay and lose her mate forever, or follow him to the stars and leave everything she knows behind.

12. Barbarian’s Redemption (2017)

Bek has been waiting for his perfect mate in a tribe full of happy couples. With no eligible unmated females left, he decides to take drastic measures.

He makes a deal to bring females back to the tribe, even if it means purchasing his mate on the intergalactic black market.

13. Barbarian’s Lady (2017)

Kate is tall woman and feels like an oddity on a planet of seven-foot-tall aliens. She catches the attention of Harrec, an alien who flirts with her to make her feel foolish (well supposedly).

However, when they’re forced to survive alone, she starts to see another side of him and wonders if his attraction towards her is real.

14. Barbarian’s Rescue (2017)

Summer and Warrek are the only ones not captured when rogue slavers land on the ice planet. They form an unlikely rescue team, and their mission could either bring them closer together or drive them apart.

15. Barbarian’s Tease (2017)

Brooke is a fun-loving and flirtatious woman who likes to tease the barbarians and make them blush.

After spending a single night with Taushen, she wasn’t expecting anything more. However, Taushen fell in love with her after just that one encounter.

15.5. The Barbarian Before Christmas (2017)

A novella that follows the couples of Ice Planet Barbarians. As they prepare for No-Poison Day (a celebration of love, laughter, and gifts), Elly longs for her mate to return before the harsh season begins. Despite the mountains that separate them, Bek is determined to reunite with Elly.

16. Barbarian’s Beloved (2018)

Ariana has awoken on Not-Hoth terrified. She is without any medication, and not long after she realizes that she had just resonated to Zolaya.

Despite others seeing her as weak, Zolaya recognizes her gentle heart and brave spirit. He understands her struggles and admires her strength.

17. Barbarian’s Seduction (2019)

Marlene, unlike other humans, is bold and alluring. She resonates with Zennek, the most shy hunter of the sa-khui tribe who never anticipated having a family.

17.5 Barbarian’s Valentine (2019)

A novella starring Maddie and Hassen as well as Josie and Haeden. It was briefly retitled Barbarian’s Reunion. It was released around Valentine’s Day and was pushed with a set of other newish releases written by Ruby Dixon.

18. Barbarian’s Treasure (2020)

Everyone knows Megan and Cashol hit it off the moment they resonated . . . didn’t they?

But when Josie goes into labor, an off-hand comment makes Megan point out to her friend that no, things weren’t always so smooth. Just because resonance is immediate doesn’t mean it’s immediately perfect.

19. Barbarian’s Bride (2021)

The final book in the series is about Nora and Dagesh’s story. Nora says she’s happy. Dagesh isn’t so sure.

He loves his pretty human mate and wants nothing more than to bring a smile to her face. When he asks the tribe what she’s missing, someone suggests a wedding.

Fireblood Dragons Series:

1. Fire In His Blood (2017)

The world is destroyed, dragons rule the skies, and Claudia must survive in this dangerous world. She’s left as bait in dragon territory and must ‘tame’ a dragon.

2. Fire In His Kiss (2017)

Sasha has had a rough life. Dakh, a yellow dragon, snatches her when he realizes she’s his mateShe must ‘tame’ him to survive.

3. Fire In His Embrace (2017)

Gwen, the mayor of post-apocalyptic Shreveport, discovers that a dangerous gold dragon has decided she’s his mate.

4. Fire in His Fury (2018)

Amy lives a hidden life, locked away for her safety. When a dragon catches her scent, she’s carried away to become a drakoni’s mate.

5. Fire In His Spirit (2018)

Gwen discovers that a dangerous gold dragon has decided she’s his mate. She confronts him to take him far away from the city.

6. Fire in His Veins (2019)

Liam has wanted Andrea since he first saw her. But he’s a drakoni and she’s human. He must give up everything that makes him a dragon.

7. Fire In Her Eyes (2019)

For months, Gabe has been chased by a red dragon. She hunts him wherever he goes, and he’s not safe even behind the walls of a fort.

8. Fire In His Chaos (2020)

In dangerous Fort Dallas, Rachel is untouchable. All she has to do is hand over her panties every day. Sure, it’s weird, but it keeps her safe.

If there’s a reason behind it, she doesn’t care. Until she finds out that she’s dragon bait. That changes things.

9. Fire In Her Dreams (2021)

Jenny’s dreams have turned to nightmares. Every night, her thoughts are filled with evil. Something is reaching out…and she’s not so sure she wants to reach back.

10. Dark Fire (2022)

Azar has taken over Fort Dallas. He rules with complete authority, and everyone bows down to him, except one woman, Melina.

Icehome Series:

1. Lauren’s Barbarian (2017)

Lauren finds herself on a strange world populated by aliens. She’s strong, capable, and ready to handle anything, even her cootie choosing a big, hulking alien as her fated mate.

2. Veronica’s Dragon (2018)

Veronica is rescued by Ashtar, a fierce, flirty, and powerful drakoni alien. Despite their differences, resonance pushes them together.

3. Willa’s Beast (2018)

Willa doesn’t believe Gren is a monster. She’s determined to save him from the Icehome camp and make him her beast.

4. Gail’s Family (2018)

Gail has had some tragedies in her life, losing her only son, divorce, and waking up a slave! After several years of slavery, finding herself on an Ice Planet and the object of one man’s interest is baffling to her.

5. Angie’s Gladiator (2018)

Angie is a pregnant human and stranded on an alien planet. She is rescued by Vordis, an a’ani warrior who is also a clone. Vordis is determined to protect Angie and her unborn child.

6. Hannah’s Hero (2019)

Hannah has resonated with J’shel, a four-armed alien hunter, but she doesn’t want a mate. However, when the group goes on a journey to a fruit-filled cave, she needs a companion and J’shel volunteers.

7. Devi’s Distraction (2019)

Devi is stolen away by S’bren who wants to resonate with her. They go exploring together and unexpected feelings start to develop.

8. Nadine’s Champion (2019)

Nadine finds herself drawn to Thrand, a competitive and aggravating islander who insists on winning her over.

Nadine soon realizes that Thrand is not as bad as she thought he was. He could be everything she has ever wanted in a partner.

9. Callie’s Catastrophe (2019)

Callie has resonated with M’tok, a huge, muscular a’ani warrior, but she hates him. He thinks she’s ugly and unpleasant, and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t just fling herself at him. In his eyes, resonance has decided, and that’s that.

10. Penny’s Protector (2019)

Penny has resonated with S’bren, an a’ani warrior, but she doesn’t want a mate. However, when S’bren steals her away from the camp, she finds herself in a situation where she has to rely on him for her survival.

11. Mari’s Mistake (2020)

Mari has resonated with T’chai, an a’ani warrior, but she made a mistake and turned off their unfulfilled resonance.

Now, her khui acts like it’s dead and it hates T’chai. Mari must find a way to fix her mistake and get her khui to accept T’chai again.

12. Raven’s Return (2020)

Raven has resonated with U’dron, an a’ani warrior, but she doesn’t want a mate. However, when she’s kidnapped by a feral outcast, U’dron comes to her rescue.

13. Bridget’s Bane (2020)

Bridget is attracted to A’tam from the beginning and gets to know him from the start but she has very low self esteem.

When their first intimate encounter doesn’t go perfectly, she assumes their anatomy is just not compatible and ends their relationship.

14. Steph’s Outcast (2021)

Steph has been trying to get the two Outcasts, including the handsome but stubborn Juth, to join their beach tribe. However, when she’s trapped with Juth during a beach invasion by monsters, everything changes.

15. Sam’s Secret (2021)

Sam hasn’t resonated yet. It’s not that she don’t want love or children. She just can’t trust anyone, not even herself.

But her khui resonates, and it’s to the last guy she ever expected. In fact, it resonate so hard that her chest is singing its mating song before his does.

16. Daisy’s Decision (2022)

Daisy, unlike the rest of the human women, came to the Ice Planet by choice, after hearing Mardok’s story. But after three years without resonating, she comes up with a plan to find love.

17. Flor’s Fiasco (2022)

Flor has been waiting for resonance on Icehome Beach for a few years now. She thought she’d end up with R’jaal, but her khui resonates to I’rec instead – the brash and overly-alpha leader of Shadow Cat. He’s apparently got a long-distance girlfriend too…

Corsairs Series:

1. The Corsair’s Captive (2017)

A pirate doesn’t ask for permission – he takes. When the pirate sees a delicate human female enslaved by a smuggler he’s about to swindle, he does what any male would do. He takes her from him.

2. In The Corsair’s Bed (2018)

Tarekh, a medic on the Corsairs’ pirate ship, purchases an abused, fragile human, Cat, in order to rescue her.

3. Enticed By The Corsair (2018)

Tortured and blinded, Iris finds her salvation in the form of a big, blue, fisthappy, sweet and tender alien who rescues her both from her captors and the darkness inside.

4. Deceiving The Corsair (2018)

The crew of the pirate ship are worried about their navigator, Sentorr. Sentorr’s convinced that Zoey, a female navigator on another pirate ship, is his mate.

She won’t show him her face, though, or agree to meet him. He’s determined to find her and claim her, no matter what it takes. 

Risdaverse Tales:

0.25. Prison Planet Barbarian (2017)

Jutari is a dangerous criminal and ex-assassin who is imprisoned on a harsh planet. Chloe is a human woman who was abducted and imprisoned for killing nine Tritarians. Jutari decides that Chloe is meant to be his mate.

0.5. The Alien’s Mail-Order Bride (2017)

Emvor is a former intergalactic soldier who now lives a quiet life as a farmer on the remote planet of Cassa. He orders a mail-order bride, expecting a tall sturdy female to help with the chores and bear his children. However, the woman who arrives is Nicola, a small, delicate human who knows nothing about farming.

0.75. Pretty Human (2019)

Varrik va’Rin is a powerful alien lord who is used to getting what he wants. When he sees the human woman Milly, he is instantly drawn to her.

Milly was abducted from Earth and brought to the alien planet Kes. She is terrified and alone, and doesn’t know what to expect. When Varrik takes an interest in her, she is both afraid and intrigued.

1. When She’s Ready (2019)

Tassar, a ex-criminal needs to marry an ‘alien’ to get amnesty on a remote farm planet. He expected to marry a strange-looking creature called a human, but when he sees the gorgeous and delicate Leilani, he changes his mind.

He wants more than just a marriage of convenience. He wants her forever, but only when she is ready.

2. When She’s Married (2020)

Vordigar, an escaped convict, has been hiding on the planet Risda III. When he is caught by the law, he has two choices: go back to prison or marry a local.

Piper is a human who needs a mate to help her protect her farm from aggressive neighbors. Vordigar doesn’t want to get married or settle down.

He agrees to Piper’s plan only until he can find a way to leave the planet. But one night with Piper changes everything.

3. When She Purrs (2020)

Kim hires a bounty hunter to kidnap her a husband, but the bounty hunter brings her the one person she was hoping to scare off: a fierce praxiian male with feline features and a big farm. Now, she’s stuck with a husband who has completely different ideas about their marriage.

4. When She Belongs (2020)

After years of being a sex slave, Sophie is finally free.  She ends up on a remote station in an asteroid belt, stuck with an alien named Jerrok.

Jerrok is unfriendly, verging on rude and makes her feel unwelcome there. As Sophie spends more time with Jerrok, she realizes that he is also intensely lonely, just like her.

5. When She Dances (2020)

Tessa spends her days as a dancing girl in a filthy space station cantina. Her life takes a turn when she’s bought by the most intimidating alien on Three Nebulas Station.

This alien, Zakoar, is a cyborg who deals in black market prosthetics. Zakoar doesn’t want anything from her, and promises to take her to a human-friendly planet where she can live unafraid.

6. When She’s Bold (2021)

It’s customary for women to marry for convenience on Risda III. Lucy doesn’t need a husband, she just wants one.

The one she wants is a military alien named Rektar. The problem? He’s completely clueless that Lucy is flirting with him.

7. When She’s Lonely (2022)

Ashley, a hearing-impaired human, lives on Risda III, a planet where humans are safe from trafficking.

Khex, a mesakkah alien, is repeatedly called to Ashley’s farm to fix equipment. He realizes that Ashley is not intentionally ignoring him, but is hard of hearing.

Ashley keeps her hearing impairment a secret for fear of being punished. Khex offers to keep her secret if she goes on a date with him.

8. When She’s Pregnant (2022)

Naomi, a human woman who was abducted from earth and held as a slave, now lives on the planet Risda III. She wants to have a child on her own, but she doesn’t count on falling in love with Ainar, a mesakkah alien.

Ainar is a gentle and caring man, and Naomi finds herself drawn to him. The story follows their relationship as they navigate the challenges of being from different worlds.

9. When She’s Merry (2022)

Sinath, a mesakkah alien custodian, and Devin, a human colonist, team up to help Devin’s depressed neighbor celebrate Christmas.

Sinath is initially suspicious of Devin, but he eventually warms up to her and they begin to see each other in a new light.

10. When She’s Fearless (2023)

Chelsea, a human woman, has a fling with Hrrrusek, a Praxiian alien who is on Risda III for a temporary job. Chelsea is free-spirited and doesn’t want to be tied down, but she is also deeply in love with Hrrrusek.

When Hrrrusek tells her that he has to leave for his next job, Chelsea must decide whether to let him go or to follow her heart.

11. When She’s Wary (2023)

Jrrru, a Praxiian alien, accidentally gets exposed to an aphrodisiac and goes to Tabitha for help. Tabitha is wary of Jrrru at first, but he slowly wins her over with his patience and kindness.

Aspect and Anchor Series:

1. Bound to the Battle God (2019)

Faith, a woman who falls through a portal into a world where she becomes a slave. She is forced to bond with Aron, the Lord of Storms, who is a fierce warrior and a god in his own right. Together, they have to face enemies, politics, and their own feelings.

2. Sworn to the Shadow God (2020)

Maxine falls through a portal into a world where she meets Death, who has been banished to the mortal realm. He is cold, ruthless, and feared by all.

She becomes his anchor, the only person who can help him survive his exile. As they travel across the land, they encounter danger, mystery, and passion.

3. Wed to the Wild God (2021)

Carly finds a gorgeous stranger in an alley, covered in blood and instead of taking him to the authorities, she takes him home.

He’s a god from another world, accidentally stuck in ours. Anyone around him falls under his spell. It’s impossible to resist. Like scratching an itch.

3.5. The Half-Orc’s Maiden Bride (2022)

Lady Iolanthe of Rockmourn Keep expects to be a spinster all her days. She is very tall. She is very poor. And she is thirty. What lord could possibly want her?

But then her father returns with news that he has found a bridegroom for her – one that is impressively tall. One that is strong, and bold, and wealthy. And best of all? He wants Iolanthe. It seems too good to be true.

4. Servant to the Spidae (2023)

All my life I have served. One lord after another, I have given them my time, my body and my soul. My newest lord, however, is not one but three.

I have become the anchor to the three Aspects of Fate, the mortal chosen to teach the gods humanity. It seems an impossible task for any mortal to satisfy a god’s wishes and I must serve three?

Ice Planet Honeymoon Series:

1. Vektal and Georgie (2019)

Georgie and Vektal are mated, and decide to have a honeymoon. This story is an extended epilogue for Ice Planet Barbarians and is for readers who want a little more of their favorite couple.

2. Raahosh & Liz (2019)

Liz wants nothing more than to be away from the tribe that’s exiled her man, Raahosh. Raahosh wants to prove to Liz that he can be a good mate, even if he’s ugly. On a honeymoon, they can get to know each other better.

3. Aehako & Kira (2020)

Kira and Aehako are happily mated and waiting for their baby’s arrival. However, Aehako has turned into the most hovering of spouses, making everyone at the cave crazy. Kira thinks it’s time for a vacation.

4. Rukh & Harlow (2021)

Rukh and Harlow are starting over at the beach, away from everyone else. They’re just now realizing what a monumental task it is to create a home when you’ve got nothing but the leathers on your back. It’s even worse when you can’t talk to your mate.

5. Ice Planet Honeymoon: A Compilation (2021)

This is a compilation of four Happy Ever After novellas from the Ice Planet Honeymoon series mentioned above that you can read in one sitting.

Corsair Brothers Series:

1. Corsairs: Adiron (2020)

Adiron is a space pirate, finds an abandoned cruiser rumored to have a massive treasure inside. However, the ship is not as abandoned as it seems.

The Star is crewed by a few human females who set a trap for him. Their leader, a beautiful human female named Jade, captures him instead.

2. Corsairs: Kaspar (2021)

Kaspar lives for danger and excitement. When he ends up in an escape pod with Alice, his world changes.

Alice is human and vulnerable, not loving danger or excitement. But her mind is clever, her retorts sharp, and her smile brings him to his knees.

3. Corsairs: Straik (2021)

Straik must confront his family’s dark deeds, only to have a feisty kidnapped human, Ruth, join him on his quest for redemption.

Their fiery clash turns into a sizzling attraction, igniting a battle of wills neither expected. Who will bend first in this encounter?

4. Corsairs: Mathiras (2022)

Mathiras has been hunting a ring of criminals who are illegally stealing humans from Earth and cloning them.

Helen, a clone created to be an object of beauty insists on joining him. Will he be able to resist her charms while tracking down criminals in space?

5. Corsairs: Bethiah (2023)

Bethiah is known for being the most chaotic bounty hunter in the universe. She has a sweet, innocent cloned human woman who wants to be her lover and a grumpy cyborg paramour who might be jealous that he’s not the center of attention.

Ice Planet Clones Series:

1. R’jaal’s Resonance (2023)

R’jaal is a young Ice Planet male who has been waiting many turns of the seasons for his khui to resonate. When he is taken captive by strange beings, he wakes up to find himself in a cage with a human female named Rosalind.

Rosalind has no khui of her own, and if she doesn’t find a mate soon, she could die. R’jaal’s khui resonates with Rosalind, but he knows that he can’t claim her as his mate until she has a khui of her own.

R’jaal and Rosalind must work together to escape from their captors and find a way to save Rosalind’s life.

Stand Alone Novels:

Pretty Human (2019)

Varrik va’Rin, is the lord of an ancient noble house on Homeworld Kes. He is used to getting what he wants and is intrigued by a strange, delicate human.

Bad Guy (2021)

Crulden the Ruiner is the name of a fierce gladiator who’s broken the rules and breaks anyone that approaches. Now he only wants to own one human female name Mina.

Worse Guy (2021)

Crulden the Ruiner is the most dangerous gladiator in the galaxy and I’m his clone. A creature that no one wants to let loose. A curvy, determined human named Bee doesn’t think I’m a creature, though.

Bound to the Shadow Prince (2024)

He is a hulking, winged beast, complete with claws and fangs, and she is trapped alone with him in a dark tower.

Princess Candra must remain locked inside a tower for seven long years in order to protect her people from their goddess’s wrath.

Seven years without a friend-or a lover- by her side. And locked inside the tower with her? A fearsome, winged Fellian warrior, Nemeth.


Shift (2016)

This book is an anthology of five novellas, each featuring a bear shifter. The stories are steamy and filled with big, burly shifters brought to their knees by the women they love.

Pride Not Prejudice (2023)

(with Jennifer Ashley, Kerrigan Byrne, Kristan Higgins, Darynda Jones, Kathy Lyons, Robyn Peterman, Erica Ridley, Katee Robert, and Skye Warren)

This is a charity collection of 21 brand-new stories that celebrate love and Happily Ever Afters across the gender and sexual identity spectrums.

The proceeds from the book will be donated to organizations in support of LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities in the United States.

Beauty Series:

Beauty in Autumn (2017)

“Beauty in Autumn” is a short and sexy interpretation of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”.

For years, there has always been a beast in the cursed forest. Every year at the Harvest Festival, a new bride is sent to him, never to return. But when Willow is chosen to be the newest bride, she seeks out the help of the local wise woman.

Royal Wedding Series:

1. The King’s Spinster Bride (2018)

A captivating tale set sixteen years after Princess Halla of Yshrem saved the life of an eight-year-old barbarian boy and witnessed her kingdom’s downfall. Now, she lives in solitude as a forgotten spinster in a quiet temple.

In The Stars Romance Series:

1. The Alien Assassin’s Convenient Wife (2018)

Intergalactic assassins Jadzion and Heriot are on a mission to take down gun-runners on a galactic scale.

Jadzion heads to New Mexico, but his target is at a couples retreat, so he uses a dating app to find a woman named Jenna and convinces her to marry him.

As Jenna gets to know Jadzion, she begins to suspect that he’s not from Earth… and that she might be falling in love with him.

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